Tax Changes for Real Estate?


Donald Trump and the Republican majorities are coming into office with plans to change the U.S. tax code. It’s not clear, however, how real estate might fare under some of the changes being discussed. .                       Earlier Blueprint Now Ready for Launch A sweeping platform
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Real Estate and Interest Rates


The Federal Reserve increased interest rates in December, and has plans for several more such increases in 2017.  What does this mean for real estate?  Are real estate and interest rates linked — or not so much? The Fed Acts — But is Still Cautious A year ago the Federal Reserve foresaw four rate rises
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2017 Housing Trends


The housing market continues to move solidly in some respects and less desirably in others.  It’s an interesting environment – investors will need to decide which factors should weigh more heavily in their investment decisions. .                       Do Election Maps Also Reflect an Economic Divide?
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Second Lien Loans


Second lien loans differ from mezzanine debt and preferred equity in several respects; each have different sets of rights. Preferred equity, for example, should not be subject to bankruptcy concerns, as it is not debt; and both preferred equity and mezzanine debt generally take over the manager’s control rights as a primary remedy, which can
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Equity Real Estate Investments and Capital Calls


It’s always annoying when more money is needed than was expected for a project.  It happens often enough in daily situations; wedding budgets get blown, plane tickets turn out to be more expensive than anticipated, etc.  Thankfully, with real estate projects, experienced sponsoring real estate companies generally have a good handle on expected costs and
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Bill Lanting: Everything Old is New Again


In my admittedly-biased opinion, I believe that the nascent crowdfunding industry represents the most compelling innovation in commercial real estate capital formation since the real estate syndication heydays of the 1980s. I also believe that RealtyShares can emerge as the leading provider of crowdfunded investment capital for real estate transactions in the United States. Let
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Scaling the Wall of Maturities

Wall of Maturities

A significant portion of outstanding commercial and multifamily mortgages held by CMBS-backed lenders were to mature in 2016-17 – a phenomenon that worried market observers referred to as  a “wall of maturities.”  The market has, so far, scaled this wall of maturities — and online marketplace lenders have a place in sorting out these pre-recession
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