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We offer a diverse range of financing solutions for commercial and residential real estate projects including both debt and equity. The result is higher leverage, lower average cost of capital and a single source for all capital needs.
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How it Works

Apply online in minutes
Get approved in 24 hours or less to submit documents for underwriting
RealtyShares underwrites, approves and funds your project
RealtyShares services investments and manages investors

Financing Solutions

An image of a house, an illustration of a residential property.
Project Type
Short-Term Rehab
Ground-Up Construction
Loan to Cost
Up to 90%
6—24 months
Capital Type
Sr. Debt, Pref. Equity
An image of an office, an illustration of a commercial property.
Project Type
Rehab / Value-Add
Opportunistic Investment
Stabilized Properties
Loan to Cost
Up to 90%
12 months—10 years
Capital Type
Sr. Debt, Pref. Equity, JV Equity

What our Customers are Saying

Common Questions

  • Why should I raise money through RealtyShares?

    RealtyShares makes raising capital for your investment much easier. Submitting your investment opportunity, receiving approval, listing and funding can all be completed in a fraction of the time required to deal with banks or institutional funding channels.

    We’ll present your opportunity to investors across the country; investors for whom we make real estate investing easy. We’ll be providing you with access to a broader capital pool made up of investors that want to participate in projects like yours. We’ll come to you as a single investor, in a manner that is legally compliant. We’ll take over all the investor communications chores for our investor pool, while at the same time your corporate brand is being elevated through its access to this much broader group. And our experience will give you the comfort you want that the funding process is going to be smooth and efficient.

    RealtyShares can become your company’s capital-raising partner. Please contact us at to discuss your particular project.

  • What kind of real estate investments can be listed on RealtyShares?

    RealtyShares lists investment opportunities involving a variety of real estate property types, including multi-family residential, office, industrial, self-storage, retail, and hospitality facilities. Single-family residences being used for investment purposes (not owner-occupied) are also the subject of many investment opportunities. We generally prefer to finance properties in or near a significant metropolitan area, but it all depends on the particular situation.

    RealtyShares also offers several different types of financing options. We can do secured real estate loans (both first- or second-lien positions); equity financing, usually for properties involving in-place cash flow that provide an income component to the investment; and/or “preferred equity” investments involving a preferential position in the equity capital structure but with only limited potential upside (so that sponsors retain most of the appreciation). If there is a specific property or financing type you might be interested in, let us know here.

  • What criteria does RealtyShares have for debt financing?

    RealtyShares, through its lending subsidiary RS Lending, Inc., provides business-purposes loans (i.e., no owner-occupied properties) secured by both conventional residential properties (such as single-family residences) as well as commercial properties (e.g., larger apartment buildings, retail centers, office buildings, etc.). We can provide both short-term (usually, 36 months or less) 1st-lien and 2nd-lien debt financing on residential properties. We can also provide both bridge or permanent debt financing on commercial properties.

    RealtyShares looks at a number of criteria in underwriting potential loan opportunities. Generally, we look for certain minimum loan-to-cost (LTC) or loan-to-after-repair-value (ARV) criteria. We also like to understand the operating plan for the project, and we verify borrower credit and background history.

    Each of these criteria vary slightly by situation and loan product; please contact us here to discuss your particular project.

  • How do you keep my personal information secure?

    We go to great lengths to ensure the security of all of our members and our data and use Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. We use 128-bit encryption, which is the same level of encryption used by top national banks. We are also regularly audited by third party security firms to ensure compliance with the most rigorous security standards.

    For added protection, we never store your banking information on our servers and we automatically log you out of your account after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • How do you choose which real estate companies can raise money through RealtyShares?

    We’re looking for companies with a knowledgeable team and a proven strategy and track record. Among other diligence inquiries, we will run background and credit checks on the principals of your company, and will perform a more thorough review of each project that is initially thought to be a suitable fit for our platform. Once we are comfortable with your team and the investment, we can proceed to the details of getting your project listed on our platform.

    Currently, we list only a relatively small percentage of all of the prospective projects that are brought to us.

Why Finance With RealtyShares?

Quick & Easy
Apply online in minutes, get approved in 24 hours and get funded in as little as 10 days.
Full Stack Capital Solution
Our wide variety of products cover senior debt, preferred and JV equity capital for both residential and commercial projects.
Weʼve financed multiple projects for most of our clients and pride ourselves in superior customer service. We want to grow with you.

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